You’re all set. Or, you think you are.

Moving across town or across the country is full of adventure and confusion. The feeling of elation and discouragement all at the same time can put your emotions into a whirlwind.

When you catch your breath and get a minute to step back and plan, take a look at these 5 things you wish you knew before you moved.

1. Get Some Help

You will fill boxes. And you will fill more boxes. If you’re looking to be somewhat efficient, you’ll need some help moving all of these boxes. Whether you call in your friends — and bribe them with treats — or rely on a moving company, you’ll be glad you called in reinforcements to assist you. Besides, taking on not-so-fun tasks can result in a few good memories when there are other people involved.

2. Take Measurements Beforehand

When your old couch won’t fit in the door of your new home, that trip to the furniture store might have been more fun when you weren’t stressed out about quickly finding an option that’s going to coordinate with the rest of your furniture. Measure doorways. Measure furniture. Measure everything. Do this in both your current place and new residence — that way you’ll know what’s coming with you and what must be left behind.

3. Forward the Mail and Turn on the Lights

Have you changed your address yet? Before you’re saying your goodbyes to the place you’ve been calling home, be sure to forward all of your mail and get in contact with your utility company to be sure you’ll be able to turn on the lights as you step in the door.

4. Relax

The near-endless list of to-do’s can be a little overwhelming, but it’s extremely important to approach the process with a good attitude. When you’re running around in a frenzy, your attitude will quickly resonate with those around you and create an environment no one will be happy to be in.

5. Sort, Organize, Categorize

Creating labels and organizational tactics is a great way to be sure you’ll move as efficiently as possible. It’s easy to throw everything in boxes (and probably quicker), but you’ll spend twice as long wondering where you packed everything. Your music collection doesn’t belong with the silverware.

If you’re still looking for moving tips, Storage Direct can help. Check out our self-storage guide, or contact us to learn about our nationwide storage facilities. We have a storage option right for your needs, and you can be sure your belongings are safe and secure.