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5 Reasons You Need Your Friends on Moving Day

admin | November 19, 2015 @ 12:00 AM

The early morning coffee, the afternoon pizza, the unspoken future favor you’re going to eventually return — it’s a relatively small price to pay for a group of willing friends to help you on your much anticipated moving day.

Choosing to forgo a moving company could save you some big bucks if you’ve got a pack of volunteers at your door instead. Forget the tinge of guilt in the back of your mind you feel for dragging your friends into this, and embrace the first day of your new adventure. Here’s why you can ask your friends to help you move:

As much as they complain, they care.

As much as your friends might dread the early morning moving and spending their Saturday loading a truck instead of sleeping in; they’re always there for you. They might crack jokes or complain about helping you out, but they know you’re probably going to return the favor when they need you.

You can’t lift things alone.

When was the last time you lifted a couch or entertainment stand down a flight of stairs and into a moving truck? Right. You need some reinforcements to help you tackle your moving day. You can’t do this all alone — unless you’re living with some incredibly lightweight furniture, or you’re cool with asking strangers off the street to help you. Choose your friends.

They’ll help you decide what you really need.

A moving company probably won’t tell you it’s time to part with that ugly, worn out couch, or that your collection of coffee mugs is frankly getting to be too much. A side perk of asking your friends to devote their time to pack up and load your belongings is their advice. Sure, you might not agree with everything they say, but it’s helpful to hear their insights about your things. While you’re caught up in making sure nothing breaks, your friends are silently judging everything you own — you might as well take this time to hear their opinions and get rid of a few things you no longer need.

Time will go faster.

Moving won’t take nearly as much time as you think if you’re welcoming all hands on deck. With multiple people, the work takes much less time — and it’s partially due to the fact that you can spend quality time with the people you care about as you go through a transitional time of your life.

They can tell when you’re pretending.

You need your friends. You need them for the heavy lifting, and you also need their encouragement when you want to take everything out of boxes and give up. They can hear the hesitation in your voice when you say you’re perfectly fine with leaving your tiny, first apartment you thought you couldn’t wait to leave. But inside, you’re reliving every late night with your friends, and every early Saturday morning you spent listening to the cars drive by as they crunched through the leaves in the neighborhood that became your home. They know what you’re thinking. And they’re in this with you.

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