Taking proper care of your living space involves a lot of different efforts. Maybe it means that you rent an external storage unit to better take care of your extra possessions. Maybe it means that you build a 20 foot outer wall to protect from potential zombie apocalypse. For us, however, it means keeping up to date on all the simple home maintenance tasks that tend to get forgotten amidst the business of day to day life.  Here are our recommendations for home maintenance tasks that you should stop neglecting:

Flipping your mattresses

Did you know that flipping your mattress at least once a year can add five to seven years to it’s life?  Since it’s such an easy and quick task to accomplish, it’s a great one to put at the top of your list. Accomplishing this task first will motivate you to tackle the rest of the things listed!

Changing your home air filter

A good rule of thumb for air filters is to check them once a month. Is it dirty? Ok, go change it. If it’s not… then don’t! The amount of wear your home’s air filter goes through depends on how often and how hard you use your HVAC equipment. An even better rule of thumb than the first one is this: if you’ve never changed your air filters, then you’re in trouble.

Remembering your deck

Maybe you don’t have a deck. If that’s the case, skip this step. If you do, however, we urge you to ask yourself the last time you did any deck maintenance. Give your deck a good wash at least once a year to get rid of any ickies that have built up and can cause unnecessary rot and ruin. Be vigilant about checking for damage before it comes dangerous: look for splinters, loose nails, and any splits or rot at least once a month.

Clearing out clutter

Hopefully you clean your home or apartment more than once a month, but beyond basic cleaning is the ever-avoided art of decluttering. Review your possessions every month. Throw out what you can, donate what you can, and if there are any leftovers that you definitely want to keep but don’t want to have sitting out… that’s where storage units come in! Less clutter means less opportunity for pests and critters to get in and cause trouble as well as a general better mood – who doesn’t feel good in a clean home?

Take a look at your roof

By the time you notice a drip from your roof, that means that you’re already going to have a lot of expensive problems to deal with. If you’re comfortable, you can do a self-examination by using a ladder to go up and look for darkened soft spots at any point on your roof. It’s a little costlier to hire a professional to do a review of the status of your roof, but it’s also a lot less dangerous and a lot less likely to lead to you taking a two story tumble.

Keeping the clutter clear. Protecting from zombie attack. Avoiding deck danger. Whatever the goal is, the best piece of advice we can provide to help you achieve it is this: stay consistent. Create routines and follow them. That’s the trick! Good luck.