When you pack away your things and put them into storage, they may be out of sight and out of mind.

But if you’re forgetting these critical packing tips, you could be in more trouble than you think.

Here are 4 more costly storage mistakes you didn’t know you were making:

1. Storing food

Even if you’re using air-tight containers or storing nonperishable foods, food should never be kept in a storage unit. There’s a good chance it will attract pests, and your stockpile of pasta could become a nest for mice. Even canned goods are capable of causing some trouble. The cans could break open and spill on your belongings, which will not only damage them, but likely attract a pest or two. The same is true with soda. It seems harmless, but temperature fluctuation and other measures you can’t control can interfere with your goods in storage.

2. Choosing the wrong-sized unit

Some units will be too big, others will be too small — but there’s an option out there that’s a perfect fit for your space. When you chose to rent a self-storage unit, don’t forget to properly estimate how much space you’ll need. Choosing a unit that’s too small gives you some room to work with, but you don’t want to be paying for what you’re not using! Be careful not to underestimate, either. Cramming all of your stuff into a space that’s too small can not only damage your items, but also restrict air flow or trap moisture inside.

3. Only packing boxes half full

Realizing you only need half the space in a box may be a personal achievement for you, but it’s not all good. Leaving wiggle room in your boxes can cause your items to shift and move around and break. If you’re out of things to pack, but still need to fill the space, stuff it with some form of tissue paper or towel. That old blanket or sheet could be put to good use!

4. Not making enough time

The moving and storing process in itself can be hectic and frustrating — not to mention stressful! In the midst of deciding what to pack and how to pack it, you could forget which box an item is in and have to unpack everything just to find it again. Be sure to plan out your packing before you begin, and don’t be afraid to call in some reinforcements. Rushing and packing haphazardly may move the process along, but it’s not worth it when your stuff isn’t organized. You’ll save yourself time in the long run.

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