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4 Home Staging Tips You Might Be Missing

admin | February 23, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

That cringe on a potential buyer’s face could have been avoided.

When you think you’ve completed the home staging process, there are always a few more things that could be fixed and a few more walls that deserve a little paint.

Before you open the door to the person who could fall in love with the place you’ve called home for so long, check out these finer points of home staging and making your place more inviting:

  1. Repurpose a room

You won’t have much luck shutting the door to your storage room and hoping no one will enter. Instead of feeling embarrassed by how you used a space, try transforming it into something new and useful.

Maybe that room full of old junk could be turned into a library or an office. The buyer may not be attracted to the theme or use of the room, but even making sure every room is usable is a big turn-on for those viewing your home.

  1. Stick to neutral colors

There’s a good chance a potential buyer will bolt to the door as soon as they see the bright orange color on your living room walls. While it may have served you well and meshed with your outgoing personality, the other person may not feel the same way.

Stick to neutral colors while still incorporating a sense of “home” into your space. Stark white walls may not be the best choice, but light beige in the living room or rich brown in the kitchen might be just the ticket.

  1. Take away the personal items

There are few things more precious than that picture of your kids sitting on the mantle or the family heirloom that’s been passed down to you. Though you treasure many of these items, perhaps it’s time to put them away until they find a home in your new place. These things were what made your home yours, but now it’s time for someone else to call this place theirs.

Keeping personal items everywhere throughout your home makes potential buyers feel like this home could never be theirs. Try making your home seem like a house, but not your house. A few personal touches are fine, but don’t go overboard.

  1. Update your flooring

You’ve probably walked through this home countless times. And as you walk through the entryway to greet your visitors or stand in the kitchen cooking your favorite meal, the floors you’re standing on take their fair share of use. You probably didn’t even notice as you went on with your hectic life and the floors slowly began fading to a lighter color. And that’s okay!

A house is meant to be used and loved, but maybe it’s time to do a quick update. Refinishing the wood floor or installing new tile in the bathroom could affect your sale. Besides, it’s one final project you can enjoy as you spend a few extra hours in your home.

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